Walking Aids


The Pacer Gait Trainer is designed according to all basic mechanical principals. It suits a highly involved child using all the options or a child requiring least support using just the frame. The range of accessories allows for full to no weight bearing.


  • Sturdy Aluminium frame is light weight, height adjustable and foldable for transport
  • Four large swivel castors with the following functions 1) lock to move in a straight line, 2) brake for safe loading and unloading of user, 4) drag to control speed of movement and 5) one-way ratchet control to prevent involuntary backward movement

Optional padded body prompts are available for arms, chest, hips, thighs and ankles. They are thickly padded to provide comfort, support and positioning; and can be adjusted to individual support needs. Prompts are attached to the frame by clamps. All adjustments are tool-free

  • Arm prompts adjust in angle, height arm length to improve upper body posture and head control
  • Chest prompt adjusts in height and width, holding the torso firmly or loosely according to user’s trunk control. It also tilts forward and backward in 15-degree increments.
  • Hip positioner with handholds swings with the user’s walking motion and allows weight shift from one leg to another. The placement and length of the four straps can be adjusted independently for best positioning and weight bearing. It can also be loosely fitted as a safety sling. The handholds adjust up and down and can be rotated according to the user’s need. It can be used as push handles to assist the user to move
  • Thigh Prompt Set combines thigh and knee abduction with a comfortable free-swinging motion. It helps to prevent twisting of the body
  • Ankle Prompt Set controls stride length and prevents scissoring gait
  • Communication Tray is perfect for writing on and can hold most communication devices


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