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Patent no: Australia AS2005100698, China 200530063856 & 200520064198.8, USA 11/470999

The FAS Buckle Guard provides travel safety for passengers at risk of undoing vehicle seat belt buckles. The Buckle Guard slips over existing seat belt buckle and once applied, the user will not be able to undo the seat belt buckle. It can be released by inserting any key-size object in one of the slots. The universal size (internal – 58 mm W x 36 mm H x 60 mm D) suits most vehicles. It is made of ABS plastic hence is long lasting and very difficult to break. The package comes with:

  • 1 x clear buckle cover with 2 release slots for front or top release
  • 2 x wedge spacers (may be snapped apart to create 4 spacers)
  • 3 x 3M tapes for wedge spacers
  • 1 x emergency sticker label to be placed in car
  • 1 x seat belt cutter for emergencies
  • 1 x replacement date sticker
  • 1 x product manual

The Buckle Guard has been designed taking into consideration Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 4370:2013 Restraint of children with disabilities, or medical conditions, in motor vehicles. The objective of the Standard is to “enable a prescriber to assess the need, identify the available options and recommend the most suitable option for restraining a child, with one or more disabilities, or a medical condition, while traveling in a motor vehicle”. The Buckle Guard, while being one such available option, as a product, cannot unilaterally be compliant with the Standard. Rather, the Standard seeks to have prescribers follow its recommended decision process to be compliant with the Standard. Users should obtain a medical certificate or similar letter from their prescriber and keep this in the motor vehicle where the Buckle Guard is used. We recommend the same procedure for adult users.

Periodic Review of use by medical professionals is recommended.

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