Walking Aids


Made in Germany, the Malte Walker is a compact posterior walker designed for children and adult. Its abductor frame shape provides large support area and security to the user. The front wheels have a pin lock system, which allows the walker to be used as swivel wheel walker of fixed wheel walker. The rear wheels have an anti-rollback system and slip brakes for safety. To complement with different user conditions, the hand grips are individually width and height adjustable. Foldable frame for storage and transport.


  • Modern design and light weight frame
  • Swivel front wheels with pin lock system
  • Rear wheels have an anti-roll back system and slip brakes
  • Hand grips are width and height adjustable
  • Fold up for transport and storage


  • Adjustable forearm supports
  • Width and angle adjustable hip positioner, provides additional support to user in standing and walking
  • Anti-tips
  • Handbrakes
  • Bumpers
  • Seat, can be positioned forwards or backwards on the frame for user to sit, rest and interact


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