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Tumble Forms Swing frame for the Deluxe Vestibulator II offers your room all the benefits of a ceiling suspension system without the installation costs and concerns. It has the capacity to accommodate myriad therapy modules for vestibular, neurodevelopmental, and sensory integration therapy. When used with accessories, the Frame allows for a range of motion experience including vertical movement, direct flexion, linear acceleration and rotation stimulation at the same time.


  • Overall floor dimensions: 302 cm x 195 cm, Overall height is 213 cm
  • Height adjustment in rope and ascender assembly allows changes to height to best positioning for carers and users
  • Mechanism can be fixed in a stable position or set for swinging
  • Used with most vestibular equipment and accessories
  • Durable metal frame with load capacity of 227 kg
  • Legs of frame can be removed for storage


The Tumble Forms Deluxe Vestibulator II includes:

  • The free standing Swing Frame with Rope and Ascenders VDV2784F, and
  • All of the below optional items

Soft Top Platform Swing VDP2772P

  • Platform made of hardwood, measures 81 W x 62 D cm and can support up to 68 kg
  • has a soft, seamless covering that is washable, odour, urine, and stain-resistant, and non-toxic
  • includes hardware for attaching suspension ropes

Flexidisk, 51.5 cm diameter VDV2772D

  • Flexidisk is 51.5 cm diameter, weight capacity 68 kg
  • Covered with the tumble forms coating
  • Completes with suspension ropes & hardware
  • Provides both vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation for the user

Horse Roll swing VDV2772H

  • 30.5 cm diameter x 91.5 cm long, weight capacity 113.5 kg
  • Seamless upholstery over supportive foam padding
  • Rigid core maintains the roll-shape and comes
  • complete with suspension ropes & hardware

Prone net swing VDV2772N

  • Dimension 208 L x 101.5 W cm Laid Flat
  • Weight capacity 68 kg
  • encourages vestibular stimulation, reflex integration, muscle co-contraction and proprioception.
  • ideal general relaxation tool.
  • comes complete with suspension ropes & hardware

Net swing with positioning seat VDV2772S

  • Weight Capacity 45.5 kg
  • Comes with large feeder seat & Prone Net Swing VDV2772N
  • Securely positioned for movement and good posture control
  • Provide linear movement through space

Roll up Gym Mat VDV2772M

  • 151x213x5 cm

2 to 1 Vestibular Swing Adapter VDV552099

  • the rotation adapter can attach to a ceiling mount and provides a removable vestibulator in your home or a facility
  • the adapter can also attach to the cross bar on the Tumble Forms 2 Vestibulator Frame and use any one-point connection swing

Free Swing VDV556824

  • Durable and can be moulded to the child’s body contour
  • great for upright swinging or other activities directed by therapist
  • Complete with suspension ropes & hardware
  • 66 cm long x 12.5 cm wide x 2.5 cm thick, weight capacity 68 kg

Platform Swing, 75×152 cm VDV556825

  • provide calming vestibular input even while lying down.
  • Complete with suspension ropes & hardware
  • Measures 75 x 152 cm, weight capacity 68 kg
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