Walking Aids

Accessories for Kaye Walkers

Soft Sling Support

WSSS1 9 cm in height and adjusts 45.5 – 76 cm
WSSS2 Adjusts 76-101.5 cm, max user weight 68 kg

  • Provides additional stability at the hip and pelvis to centre the child in the walker.
  • Useful for walker training when the child does not have enough muscle strength or is in danger of falling.
  • Fits between the user’s legs and surrounds the pelvis
  • Buckles to the walkers with 4 adjustable straps


  • Can be folded up when walking and folded down for seating
  • Walker can still be folded for transport with the seat installed

Forearm Supports

  • For users who need additional support to the shoulder girdle, or cannot extend their arms and take weight on their hands when walking
  • Supports adjust in height and angle, as well as forward-backward placement on the walker
  • Supports can be angled away from the body, changing the forearm alignment
  • Handgrips are fully adjustable from horizontal to vertical to cater for supination or pronation of forearm

Leg Abductor

  • Prevent leg scissoring or excessive leg adduction while walking and standing
  • Use in gait training to improve the client’s base of support and alignment
  • Can be added or removed based on the child’s needs and therapy goals
  • Can also be used with Suspension Kit

Pelvic Stabilizer & Extensor Assist Centre Pad

  • Adjustable lateral pads aids symmetry and control pelvic and trunk alignment
  • For users who need assistance for hip extension and pelvic alignment in the frontal plane
  • An optional Extensor Assist Centre Pad may be needed

Extensor Assist Belt

  • To be used with Extensor Assist Centre Pad
  • Help with alignment of the user’s hips and feet while using the walker

Guide Handles

  • Eliminate awkward bending of care-givers when assisting the child to walk
  • Great to be used when the child is beginning to use the walker or making transition from fixed to swivel wheels, or when beginning to walk outside

Swivel Limiters

  • Adjust to limit the amount of wheel swivel
  • Adjustable Resistance One-Way Rachet Rear Wheels
  • Provide variable resistance to forward motion. Great for user who have trouble controlling their speed or have difficulty slowing down

All Terrain Wheels

  • Allow the walker to be used on rough surfaces such as the garden and playground
  • A set of 4 legs fitted with 2 fixed front wheels 23 cm diameter x 3 cm wide) and 2 ratchet rear wheels (12.5cm diameter x 2.5 cm wide)


  • The Conversion Kit attaches to a Kaye Walker and allows it to function as a “partial weight bearing” or suspension walker
  • The walkers can fold with the suspension kits attached
  • The narrower width of these units allows greater manoeuvrability indoors, but prevents the units from fitting over treadmills. For units that fit over treadmills, use the Treadmill Width Adapter
  • These conversion kits are suitable for users who do not have to be lifted into the unit and if weight-bearing does not have to be adjusted when walking. For heavier users who must be lifted into the unit, or if weight-bearing needs to be adjusted when walking, it would be better to use the Suspension Walkers
  • To use with Kaye Suspension Harnesses
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