Vestibular & Sensory Equipment


The TFH Swing Frames are made from high quality 2″ galvanised steel with nylon swing bearings. TFH Frames have a wide splay in relation to the frame height, providing maximum stability. TFH Swing Frames and Seats comply with the European safety standard EN71.

Options for Swing Frames:

Retention Straps V8SSRS

  • To stabilise seat while assisting user to get in and out of swing frame

Swurl Feets Set V8SWRLF

  • Designed to be used in the conversion of TFH Single, Double, or Triple Swing Frames
  • Attaches easily onto the swing frame legs to keep it level and safe for indoor swinging.
  • Comes in a pack of four for convenient attachment and easy use..

Groundstay Extensions for TFH Foldaway Swing Frame V8TLFSE

  • For use with Foldaway Swing Frame when swinging is quite active
  • Prevents rear legs lifting by extending splay effect
  • Attaches to ground stay to extend it by 91.5 each side
  • Folds back onto ground stay for storage

Swurl Spinner V8SWRL

  • Great accessory to have to gain vestibular sensory input.
  • Designed to easily fit onto TFH Swing Frames, turning swings into fun spin ways and swurls
  • 40cm wide
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