Walking Aids


Made in USA, the Guardian Easy Care Walker is made of lightweight 1″ aluminium tubing with dual steel crossbars for durability.

This walker is light weight, folds up easily and compactly to only 10 cm depth, so it can be conveniently transported anywhere with you.

It can also be placed over the toilet and used as a toilet safety frame.


  • Total weight is less than 3kg
  • Supports persons up to 140kg
  • A two-button folding design, promoting easy operation with a gentle press from the palm, finger, or arm
  • A foot piece, which can be silenced for quiet adjustment and rattle free use
  • Vinyl grips requiring little maintenance and are easy to clean
  • Adjustable height of up to 8 different levels
  • Lightweight aluminium 1″ tubing
  • Steel cross brace for stability and support
  • Collapsible to 10cm depth to ensure easy transport and storage


Walker accessories

3” Swivel Front Wheels MODEL NO: W7825

  • Front Wheel for a more natural walking stride and easier manoeuvring of your walker. The three-inch wheels are designed for indoor use or smooth pavement
  • 3″ Swivel Wheels; 360-Degree Casters
  • 8 Adjustment Holes
  • Solid Disc-Wheels, no debris build up

3” Glide Wheel Brakes MODEL NO: W7832

  • The spring-loaded wheel brakes allow smooth forward movement when used along with front wheel attachments
  • Provides safe, gradual braking when weight is placed on the rear of the walker and the rear-leg rubber walker tips contact the floor.
  • Easy to install, no tools required

3” Fixed Front Wheel Attachment MODEL NO: W7731

  • 8 adjustment holes, Increase height of walker by 3”
  • provide easier manoeuvring, especially over carpet or unsmooth surfaces
  • Solid Disc-Wheels, for a Safe Feeling When Walking & eliminates build-up of Debris.
  • Includes a pair of glide caps for the rear walker legs.

Glide Brakes MODEL NO: W7732

  • Spring-loaded glide brakes allow smooth forward movement when used with front wheel attachments (3” Swivel front wheel or fixed wheel attachment)
  • The glide brake provides safe, gradual braking action when weight is placed on the rear of the walker and the rear-leg rubber walker tips contact the floor
  • Smooth hard plastic protects floor
  • Easy to install – no tools required

Platform Attachment MODEL NO: 7702

  • It provides forearm support with hand grip
  • Ideal for who can’t straighten their arms or upper body or have difficulty using the walker with hands
  • Easy to attach
  • Strong, steady and durable
  • Latex Free

Glide Caps MODEL NO: W9280

  • Smooth hard plastic, designed for use on walker rear Legs only
  • When used with front wheels, the glide caps provide easy and quiet glide over most surfaces
  • Designed to fit walker with 1½” outside diameter rubber tips
  • Easy to install, no tools required



  • Manufactured in USA
  • Light weight made of anodized aluminium
  • Consists of both horizontal and vertical hand holds
  • Height adjusts 33-38 cm, suits users 66-76 cm tall

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