Walking Aids


Developed on conjunction with the renowned Bioengineering Centre at P.M.R. Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Arrow Walker and its outdoor version – Prairie Walker is designed to assist user to move independently. It is ideal to use for gait training, for those to take their first steps or to develop their existing walking and standing ability. Both walkers provide a low profile, very stable base yet allows easy access through doorways and around obstacles. The walker can be packed flat and the arrow outriggers can be removed making it easier for transportation and storage.


  • Directional locking castors allow the user to walk on a planned course
  • Trunk support unit comprises 3 support pads (one chest pad and two curved lateral thoracic pads) which can be adjusted to accommodate different user sizes and needs
  • Trunk support unit can be tilted forward in relation to the feet
  • Lateral Thoracic pads swing away to enable easier transfer
  • Padded pelvic support adjusts in height and depth, render optimum support to the user
  • Adjustable leg abductor adjusted to suit the user’s gait pattern, can be removed if not required
  • Padded Forearm support provides optimal head and upper trunk control and comfort. It can be tilted upward or downward.
  • Padded Handgrips can be extended or rotated to suit the user.


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