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When purchasing a car restraint for children with disabilities such as Inspired by Drive Car seat, clients should follow the recommendation of the Australian Standard AS/NZ4370:2013 – Restraint of Children with Disabilities in Motor Vehicles. A copy of a medical certificate specifying the reasons behind using a car restraint should be carried in the vehicle the user travels in.

The Inspired by drive IPS Car Seat & Spirit Car Seat meet the following US standard FMVSS #213 (Child restraint systems). Their sturdy and solid design provide safety and support children and young adult with positioning needs while travelling in vehicles. The memory foam seat and back provides comfort seating. The air mesh upholstery cover is removable and machine washable. Adjustable Soft-Padded Head supports come as standard. Five-point harness, shoulder harness pads, and a padded crotch strap offers comfort and security. The seat is easily installed in vehicle with a dual hook tether strap for safety. Standard vehicle belt goes behind the user to secure the car seat, reduce potential harm to the user. The product is latex and silicone free.


Model No. SCS2000

The IPS Car Seat accommodate children with mild positioning needs, it offers the safety of an everyday car seat while providing a higher level of postural support than a traditional car seat. It is lighter and narrower than the Spirit Car Seat

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