Standing Equipment



The TherAdapt® Prone Stander provides the developing child with appropriate support and weight bearing through the lower extremities. Prone Stander is to be used by individuals who require support in the front and have some head and trunk control. The unique design of the knee and trunk components permits the user to be at eye level with his peers. This is beneficial for social and academic interaction. It promotes a sense of postural security as well.

The Stander includes many unique standard features:

  • The hinged base and sliding support bar adjust the stander 10° to 30° forward from vertical, designed to prevent use in the full vertical position
  • Stander comes equipped with a permanent back strap attached to the padded, adjustable thoracic pads
  • Two separate adjustable pelvic straps can be placed in four different slots for precise control, they are to be used in a crisscross fashion to align and stabilize the pelvis
  • The padded adjustable knee pads and lateral guides are attached to the knee block with Velcro®-like hook and loop to allow exact pad placement.
  • An abduction block / pommel to keep legs slightly apart
  • A pair of adjustable depth foot guides with non-skid tread
  • Once the user is removed from the stander, the unit is easy to move by lifting up the base by the cut-out handle and tipping it back on the casters


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