Standing Equipment


The TherAdapt® Supine Stander was designed to provide the developing child with posterior support and proper alignment while standing and weight bearing. The size, adaptability, and ease of using this stander makes it an ideal choice for the home, school, and therapy centres.

We recommend that the Supine Stander be used by the individual who is either just beginning to stand, has low muscle tone, or who displays extension dominant movement in the trunk and lower extremities.

The TherAdapt® Supine Stander has many unique features:

  • The sliding rear support bar has been designed to allow the stander to be adjusted back 5° to 35° from the vertical position easily
  • An adjustable angle quick release tray, adjustable thoracic pads with a chest strap, a pelvic strap, and a pair of knee pads with straps for customized positioning
  • The footboard extends the full width of the stander to allow users to abduct their lower extremities if medically indicated
  • Four straps to secure feet complete with curved, side release buckles for ease in use
  • Once the user has been removed, the stander can easily be moved by tipping it back on the non-swivel casters mounted at the rear of the base
  • Lay flat for easy storage.
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