Simple Stuff Works Sleep Positioning System


The Simple Stuff Works Sleep Positioning System received the best-established product award at the 2015 British Healthcare Awards

The positioning system is modular and easy to use, designed to support a user at night or during the day in order to protect and maintain their body shape and prevent contractures and deformities. The base of the system consists of two layers of non-slip mesh, a soft mattress topper and topped by a fitted sheet. Various postural supports are placed and around the individual. The system is completely velcro, strap and buckle free (except for foot supports) allowing for silent adjustment without waking up the user. It also gives the user freedom of movement instead of rigid postural control.

Material used for the positioning system is breathable, wicks vapour away from the body and keep the body cool. The material is washable under high temperature. The system is available in tot (cot), child (single bed) and adult (single bed) size. Individual postural component can be used as part of the overall positioning system or on its own.

Components and features

  1. 2 layers of top to toe stabilizing non-slip mesh
  2. 1 mattress topper
  3. 1 fitted sheet
  4. 1 sausage or neck support pillow
  5. 1 horseshoe pillow – made from a soft fibre and covered with a cotton-mix material.
  6. 1 pair of lateral support – perfect for providing firmer support for an individual. They are L shaped covered with removable soft, washable pads. These are positioned in between the two layers of mesh which hold them in place securely.
  7. 1 pair of wedges – with one tapered end, they provide gentle support for an individual in various positions and wherever required.
  8. 1 supine stabilizer – this is a leg support piece which is designed to help an individual to keep a neutral, supine position for long periods of time. It is worn above the knees, across the thighs, and it stabilises the pelvis and the femora.
  9. 1 side lying leg support – designed to protect the hips and pelvis when a person is lying on their side. The leg channel creates a perfect place for the top leg to lie and the bottom leg wraps gently around the outside (This item is only available in child and adult sizes).
  10. 1 pair of foot supports – hold the feet in a neutral position. They are gentle, supportive and soft. The fibre inside wicks moisture away from the skin and is breathable so it helps the feet to remain fresh and comfortable whilst they are held in a beneficial position preventing foot drop or rotation.
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