Bathing Aids


Contour Wrap Around Bath Support

Made of Medical Grade PVC, the Contour Wrap-Around Back Support is a great option for a small child with mild positioning needs, whether bathing or just simply sitting on the floor. Padded and available in two options, Lo-Back and Hi-Back, both include a harness for additional trunk support (Lo-Back = 2 point harness, Hi-Back= 4 point harness)

  • Built with sturdy hi-impact ABS plastic back, medical grade PVC frame with stainless steel fittings.
  • Bath Support is lined with thick comfortable padding
  • The child is secured in a normal sitting position in the comfortable, height adjustable yoke while still having the freedom to play.
  • Wide stance insures excellent stability.
  • Compact design fits easily in any bath tub, also for easy storage and convenience for travel

Optional Accessories

  • Abductor Kit (BBS7815) to improve hip alignment and stabilise seating posture
  • Pelvic Belt (BBS7830) to maintain posture and add security
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