Walking Aids


Kaye Walkers also called Kaye Posture Control Walkers or Kaye Posterior Walkers were first introduced by Physiotherapist Janet “Kaye” Howle in the mid-eighties. They were designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve alignment and maximize potential for ambulation. Kaye walker base increases as the height raises, assuring both anterior-posterior and lateral stability. It is an easy transition from the Kaye walker to crutches or independent walking since the child has established appropriate alignment, weight bearing, postural reactions and confidence.

Kaye Walkers fold for easy transport and storage. It is available in 6 sizes (size ½ to size 5) to cater for small children to adults. A wide range of accessories are available to enhance the function of the Kaye Walker. The walking frame is made of lightweight, thick-walled aluminium tubing and has been proved to be a long-lasting product over many years.

2-Wheeled Kaye Walkers

  • Two fixed / straight wheels for front legs
  • Two crutch tips for rear legs
  • Provides extra drag for users who cannot manage a 4-wh walker that rolls forward as they shift their weight forward

4-Wheeled Kaye Walkers

  • Allows users to roll the walkers forward as they shift their own weight forward. They helps improve cadence, velocity, energy use, and step and stride length
  • Two fixed wheels for front legs
  • Equipped with one-way ratchet wheels for rear legs, to help prevent the walker from rolling backwards and away from the user

Swivel-Wheeled Kaye Walkers

  • Four wheels with front swivelling wheels & rear ratcheted wheels
  • Swivel wheels can be locked in the forward-only direction (similar to fixed wheels)
  • Allows the user to turn without having to lift and reposition the walker
  • Amount of swivel can be limited by adding optional Kaye Swivel Limiters
  • Silent Rear Wheels can be ordered in lieu of standard rear ratcheted wheels –
     5″ diameter wheels with soft, rubber tread
     Silent, internal, one-way bearings
     To be used in lieu of ratcheted rear wheels

Wide Kaye Walkers

  • These are wider/deeper versions of the standard Kaye walkers, designed for users who wear leg braces and, as a result, need more room inside the walker
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