Vestibular & Sensory Equipment



Model no A3STVS

Vibration helps to relax the body and is perfect for those who need extra sensory and proprioceptive input. This Snake sensory vibrating toy is battery-operated, has a choice of two speeds, is flexible, and helps to stimulate our proprioceptive senses. Wrap it around any part of your body, just where you need them. The hook and Loop ends and the additional clip help hold it in shape.

Dimensions: 120cm (58cm?)
Power: 2xC


Model no A3VBTH

This vibrating teether has the ability to not only soothe those sore gums, but help with the concept of body awareness.

Often babies and children use their mouth to explore the outside world, so why not use their mouth to help them discover themselves and concentrate their focus. The vibrations from the teether will distract from any soreness when teething and help them focus on developing motor skills. Whilst chewing will help calm them so they can cope with their sensory input by drowning it out through chewing.

Dimensions: 12 x 7cm
Power: 1 x AA inc


Model no: A3CHND

Chewy Noodle is an excellent chewable hand-fidget for individuals craving oral sensory input. It is a non-toxic silicone tube attached to a lightweight aluminum ring. A lightweight aluminum carabiner is attached to the end for clipping onto a shirt, belt loop or lanyard, reduces the risk of it being dropped or lost.

A3CHND white – smooth & max strength 20 x 2 cm
A3CHNDB blue – bumpy and moderate strength 21 x 2 cm
A3CHNDR red – bumpy & moderate strength 22 x 2 cm
Use with adult supervision


Model No: A3CHEW

The Chewy Tube selection is designed to develop tactile stimulation for the mouth. They come in a range of 3 different colours that are suitable from age 7 months onwards
Pick the right Chewy Tube to improve jaw stability and help develop biting and chewing skills. The green Chewy Tube (A3CHEWG) has raised bumps and provides increased sensory stimulation. The red Chewy Tube (A3CHEWR) offers some resistance and the blue (A3CHEWB) is the thickest and strongest of all and suitable for adolescents.

Chewy Tubes are all very durable so appropriate for people that tend to grind their teeth. They are easy to clean, all that is required is soap and water. Chewy Tubes are not suitable for those who find it difficult to sit up unaided

Dimensions: 8cm

P’s and Q’s Chewy Tubes

Model no: A3CHPQ

Besides improving jaw stability and help develop biting and chewing skills, the P’s and Q’s Chewy tubes, can also help develop fine motor skills, strengthening the hand that grasps the handy handle.

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