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“Motus” comes from the word “moveo” and describes everything about movement. It is an everyday wheelchair that can support your unique requirement for active use. The height-adjustable back support can be quickly adjusted to allow for more comfortable seating. It folds up easily and quickly for transport. Quick release wheels can also be taken out for compact storage.

In addition to the two familiar models CS and CV, the new Motus family also includes additional 2 indication-related models. the Motus XXL with its reinforced components is suitable for users weighing up to 140 kg. The Motus HEMI variant, on the other hand, is specially designed for the care of users with hemiplegia.


  • Adjustable height push handles
  • Aluminum tube frame with cross brace provides maximum rigidity and maximum stability
  • Desk side panel with arm support is adjustable in depth, provides greater freedom of movement and makes driving up to tables easy
  • Hollow rear wheel rims and quick-release axles

Motus CV

  • Individual swing-away, removable and height adjustable footrests
  • Knee-Level lock lever is easy to operate—and won’t rotate around chair frame

Motus CS

  • Closed, rigid frame geometry
  • Exhibits highly driving characteristics
  • Leg support remains on wheelchair and is non detachable
  • Single-panel foot plate
  • Scissor wheel lock on chair
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