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The universal Zippie® Voyage™ early intervention stroller is an intuitive, easy-to-use stroller for babies and small children with mild to advance positioning needs. The stroller has been successfully crash tested to ISO 7176-19 / WC19 standard. Its components are fully adjustable and the soft padded upholstery provides comfort. It also includes a large range of functional accessories including head supports, Jay chest straps, height adjustable backrest, width adjustable lateral trunk support, width adjustable hip guides, depth and height adjustable seat plate, Jay pelvic belts, pommel and height & angle adjustable footrest with optional footstraps and shoe holders.

The ZIPPIE Voyage early intervention stroller also has tilt (with a range of 35°) and recline (of up to 180° ) functionality to help improve your child’s positioning and assist with feeding, digestion, respiratory function and visual orientation. It is simple to tilt or recline the ZIPPIE Voyage, using the easy-to-reach trigger handle behind the backrest. For maximum interaction, the seat can be reversed to face toward you. Or, face it forward so your child can explore their surroundings.


  • Two seat shells to choose 1) VMS model for children with mild to moderate postural needs, 2) VAS model for children with moderate to advance postural needs
  • Lightweight aluminium frame easy to use and in a sleek modern style
  • Canopy with Mesh Window, keeping the child shaded during the day, and allow carer to check in
  • Height adjustable Telescoping Stroller Handle to suit carer’s height and preferences, and allow one-handed steering
  • Foot-operated Wheel locks
  • Easily tilts forward (5°) or backwards (30°) with the simple use of a lever, for the child’s positioning needs
  • Slide-N-Lock™ interface plate allows the seat to be easily attached onto or removed from the stroller base
  • Folding triggers are positioned up near the stroller handle for easy access to caregiver and compact folding
  • Quick release Puncture-resistant rear wheels (12″) and swivel front wheels (7″)
  • Front swivel wheels can be locked for smooth tracking during longer walks
  • Storage basket with a capacity of up to 6.8 kg
  • Height & angle adjustable Foot plate


  • Folding indoor base
  • Support tray
  • Grab bar
  • Utility hook
  • Cup holder
  • Front-mount utility platform
  • Battery, vent, or utility tray
  • Rear accessory platform
  • LTV/Trilogy ventilator hardware
  • O2 cylinder holder
  • IV support pole
  • Padded heel straps, pr
  • Foot sandals, pr
  • Whitmyer head supports (for VAS model)
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