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Otto Bock Kimba family has a product range for your selection; which includes one Multifunctional Seating Unit and five Mobility Bases:

  1. Rehab Outdoor Buggy
  2. Cross Jogger
  3. Home Mobility Base
  4. Inline Outdoor Base
  5. Indoor Mobility Base

The seating unit is easy to put on, remove and use with any mobility base. This makes it an appropriate solution for almost any everyday situation.

The extent to which children requires care is considerably different from that of adults. Devices for children have to grow withe the child and need to be individually adaptable and versatile in their use. They provide everyday support and ensure maximum mobility. Choosing the correct devices can also prevent additional malformations. All products in the Kimba Family were developed and tested in cooperation with doctors, therapists and users – to support children and families around the world.

Kimba Multifunctional Seating Unit & Rehab Outdoor Buggy


  • Comfortable and secure with soft padding
  • Supports the spinal column and prevents sagging
  • Adjustable side supports at the hips, thighs and if necessary, the head
  • The height, width and depth of the seat can be individually adjusted
  • Adjustable seat back and footrest angles (fully reclined for sleep and changing diapers)
  • Foot brake for when taking children out and placing in the chair
  • Chair can be reversed so that the carer has full view of the child when pushing. Good for decreasing reaction time to seizures
  • Stable structure with an elegant design
  • Adjustable suspension provides smoother ride and better steering on uneven surfaces
  • Multi-purpose seat with breathable spacer fabric and standard padding
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