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The Kimba Neo is a simple and functional rehab buggy that is easily adjusted to suit the constantly changing positions of a child throughout the day. Whether they are sitting upright playing or reclining for a nap, the Kimba Neo seat ensures their body is always properly supported and that they have a comfortable ride no matter the terrain with shock-absorbing suspension.


  • Comfortable and secure with soft padding
  • Supports the spinal column and prevents sagging
  • Adjustable side supports at the hips, thighs and if necessary, the head
  • The height, width and depth of the seat can be individually adjusted
  • Adjustable seat back and footrest angles (fully reclined for sleep and changing diapers)
  • Foot brake for when taking children out and placing in the chair
  • Chair can be reversed so that the carer has full view of the child when pushing. Good for decreasing reaction time to seizures
  • Stable structure with an elegant design
  • Adjustable suspension provides smoother ride and better steering on uneven surfaces
  • Multi-purpose seat with breathable spacer fabric and standard padding
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