Seating & Positioning



The Squiggles Seat is suitable for use as a home chair or school chair. The fun colourful Squiggles meets all the postural and comfort needs of young children with special needs


  • The one-piece seat base and adjustable sacral support can be used to accommodate flexion or encourage extension
  • The shape of the seat and back, the laterals with their fabric tip wrapping securely around the child; and the way in which the 4-point padded pelvic harness integrates with the hip pads, provides a snug, comfortable fit and streamlined look
  • Being low to the ground, the squiggles seat promotes peer to peer interaction, making it ideal for home and nursery/school environments
  • Adjustable footplate can be tilted to ther preferred angle, ensuring the feet are well supported and providing a secure base for maximum upper body function. The footplate flip away to allow easy transfer
  • Tilt-in-space feature provides a simple way to achieve a change of position without disturbing overall posture
  • Multi-axial adjustable Headrest
  • Pommel to keep legs apart and in proper alignment
  • Squiggles Seat interface with a variety of hi-lo chassis, such as Zippie IRIS, OttoBock Kimba Spring and Discovery outdoor base. Please contact us for further discussion


  • Kimba Spring Outdoor Stroller Base
  • Otto Bock Discovery Outdoor Base
  • Zippie IRIS
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