Seating & Positioning


Madita-Fun is an integrative therapy chair manufactured in Germany by Schuchmann. It comes in three sizes for children from 12 months to kindergarten and primary school age

  • Main design feature is the removable top part of backrest. The low back chair can be used as a training tool to promote active sitting. With the top backrest in place, the chair offers full postural support.
  • The large number of adjustment options ensures this product grows with the child so it can be used over a long period of time
  • The seat angle is infinitely adjustable by gas spring with one hand
  • The seating height is easy to adjust by foot operated gas pressure spring system. This allows integrative work with peers and family, and sitting to standing transfer.
  • The footrest is angle adjustable
  • Fun fabric design
  • Integrated pushing handle bar for easy transportation
  • Height and width adjustable swing away side support pads
  • Height and angle adjustable armrests
  • Hip support pads
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