Seating & Positioning


The chair is available in 3 sizes and built to last with hardwood chair frame, steel and fibre-reinforced plastic components. It is designed to provide supported sitting for people with moderate to severe physical limitations, as well as to develop their sitting skills.

The chair can tilt forwards and backwards. The forward tilt allows users to lean slightly forward, thereby encouraging them to actively control their head and shoulders. As the users’ strength and posture improve, support components can be removed or repositioned to allow more active movements of the body. The foot-board can be slid back for sit-to-stand transfer


  • The chair can provide up to 20 degrees forward and 5 degrees backward tilt to cater users with different skill levels
  • The backrest can move through a 15-degree range
  • Trunk Support – can be adjusted in width, angle and height or removed if the child has enough trunk control
  • Arm prompts can be fitted onto any position of L-bar and is adjustable in height, rotating and tilting in space, giving the user upper body support and encourage head control
  • Swing-away L-bar allows easy transfer
  • Padded groin strap assists with correct, comfortable pelvic positioning
  • Removable and depth adjustable Padded Abductor; Or leg prompts with straps just below the knee for improve security of legs
  • Sandals and wedges fix the feet on the foot-board to improve mid-line position. The foot-board slides out of the way for sit-to-stand transfer
  • Locking castors allow chair to move around
  • Flat/contoured headrest is height adjustable, offers comfortable support to the head when it is needed

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