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Manufactured by Kaye Products Inc USA, this corner chair is for children who need support of the head, trunk, and pelvis in order to develop an upright symmetrical posture and midline control of head and trunk. It also improves breathing for children who have low trunk tone.

The corner shaped back prevents scapular and shoulder retraction, a pattern frequently seen in children who cannot stabilize against gravity. With hands forward on a height adjustable tray, the child gains shoulder protraction and symmetrical arm posture for playing and feeding. A removable firm support along the spine gives the child better spinal stability and shoulder position and consequently greater freedom of their arms. The seat is height adjustable to allow proper pelvic positioning, hip and knee flexion or long leg sitting.

The highly adjustable Kaye Corner Chair comes complete with the following removable features:

  • Chair and base
  • Tray
  • Abductor
  • Padded headrests
  • Back cushion
  • 2″ belt
  • 4” locking swivel casters


  • For users 4 months – 4 yrs., up to 99 cm tall
  • Headrest adjust from 51 to 68.5 cm from base to top of headrest
  • Removable tray is height and depth adjustable and measures 38 – 43 cm
  • Seat depth is 30.5cm without and 20.5cm with removable back cushion
  • Removable 7.5 cm wide abductor is depth adjustable



The TherAdapt® Posture Chair positions the child in a stable semi-kneeling position. It features a 10° angle adjustable seat with pelvic strap and lumbosacral support, and adjustable kneel pads with foot straps. The pelvic and lower extremity positioning provided by the chair inhibits lower extremity extension, helps the child achieve an upright trunk, and frees the upper extremities for function. The Posture Chair is especially effective for children with tight hamstring muscles or contractures at the ankle/foot. The chair does not increase tightening of the hamstring muscles but rather it eliminates their devastating effect on the pelvis in sitting.


  • 10° anterior angled seat with slip-resistant upholstery and adj pelvic strap
  • Lumbosacral support adjusts both vertically and horizontally, vertically to 3 different heights
  • Standard kneel pads adjust in 3 planes of movement for exact placement selection
  • Foot straps secure the feet with velcro hook and loop through a D-ring
  • For users with significant foot deformities or strong foot reflexes, the foot straps can be rotated 90° and used over the calf as well
  • Front mounted casters for easy transport once the user has been removed from the chair

Special note:

The Posture Chair is not designed for users with either a fixed thoracic kyphosis or scoliosis, a limited hip range of motion, or a history of hip dislocations. It should be evaluated by a therapist and the user should be monitored for fatigue secondary to the dynamic nature of the chair.

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