Standing Equipment



The Dynamic Stander allows the user to move around in an upright position, in either a flexed or normal posture. Being in a supportive upright position helps the joints and muscles get a work out. Als bone strength, respiratory function and pelvic flexion can improve. The upright position enables the user to socially interact with peers at eye level. The user’s hands are free to join in activities. The stander is a useful learning tool to teach skills needed for head, hand and trunk control. Users can learn to stand even though they cannot weight bear at all since the seat pad can be adjusted to allow zero to full weight bearing. This has great benefit in instances such as leg amputations, spina bifida, dislocated hips or contractures


  • Comes with padding straps, seat pad, fleece, removable washable bib and wheel locks
  • Can be used in prone or supine positions
  • Lockable castors for safe transfers into and out of the stander.
  • Removable large wheels with spoke guards allow accessibility to table and peer interactions, pop on and off at the push of a button. The spoke guards protect fingers. Wheels can be locked in place
  • Adj angle seat pad allows zero to full weight bearing, also enables the user to perform sit-stand-sit exercises
  • Soft & fleecy straps give back and neck support
  • The body support can be adjusted in height and width, allowing for growth and caters for different level of support needs
  • The low, open, wide deck allows for easy access on and off the stander
  • Washable bib keeps body support dry and clean
  • Arm prompts assist with head and shoulder control
  • Sandals and wedges fix the user’s feet and ankle to the platform, improving posture and alignment
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