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Leckey Sleepform is a positioning system designed to provide a safe, comfortable way of supporting sleeping individuals. Appropriate / symmetrical sleeping position is especially important during the skeletal development stage and prevent development of tightness and contractures. The system reduces the build-up of heat and pressure and prevent abnormal postural reflexes. It also reduces the need for night time re-positioning, thus increasing the likelihood of an undisturbed night’s sleep for users and their family.

It can be easily transported so is ideal for use at home, holiday or respite facilties. All components are easily cleaned.


  • Suitable for 5-18 years of age, use on a single bed
  • Fitted grid sheet to record position of components x 2
  • Mouldable Sleepform mattress and air pump, can be easily moulded to the desired individual posture and re-moulded as needed by carers.
  • Airflow mattress to allow air circulation
  • Cushioned chest and hip guides to enhance head, trunk and pelvic symmetry.
  • Cushioned leg and knee guides to inhibit windsweeping, frogging or scissoring, the elasticated leg guides allow some movement while gently bringing the legs back into a midline position.
  • Knee roll to provide for tight hamstrings and while lying with straight legs is not possible. Supporting behind the knees with a roll takes the strain off hamstrings.
  • Air flow head / knee pillow

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