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The Safespace Siesta is a single bed-sized product. It is uniquely designed for those that have a lot of movement and strength, but are unable or not inclined to climb over the bed sides. Its customisable design accommodates the wide range of nursing needs, including the need to be hoisted into the Siesta. The ‘flex-out’ sides are robust enough to be kicked, punched, head-butted or rocked against, helping to keep the person safe from injury. The Siesta is a low stimulation environment that promotes settling and improves sleep patterns and routine. No need to restrain patient. The Siesta’s versatility makes it suitable for the home or hospital. It can be set up to accommodate a wide range of users with various needs.


  • Heavy Duty PVC fabric on a raised metal platform.
  • Velcro free.
  • Ceiling and floor hoist friendly.
  • Comes with an opening front panel and a viewing pane at foot end
  • Flex-out walls that can absorb heavy impact. (A 30cm clearance from any hard surface to the PVC wall is necessary.)
  • Cleaned by jet wash, or simply remove the fabric for steam cleaning.
  • Opening can be zipped open and rolled up, for easy access.
  • Viewing panel allow in light, create a sense of space, and allow the users to be observed in safety and to interact with others.
  • Comes with a 15 cm PVC covered foam mattress.
  • The metal platform feet have holes to allow the Siesta to be secured to the floor
  • Safe Working Load: Standard model 100kg

Internal dimensions

  • Internal dimensions: 200cm x 90cm
  • Internal height from bed base to top of fabric: 145cm
  • Internal height from top of mattress to top of fabric: 130cm
  • Mattress thickness: 15cm
  • Front Opening (long side) 150cm L x 120cm H
  • Side opening (short side) 78 cm L x 110 cm H

External dimensions

  • 228cm L x 115cm W x 170cm H


  • Up to 4 roll up / roll back sides for nursing care access
  • Additional viewing panel
  • A closed cell padded side if wall clearance is less than 30 cm
  • Access holes for oxygen, gastrostomy and other tubes
  • Nursing access panel
  • Frequent access panel
  • Water resistant lycra or PVC covered memory foam mattress (15cm)
  • Manual Profiling set – A foam wedge and a cylinder roll
  • Electric Hi-Lo platform (model no ASG-SIESTA-HILO)



The Siesta Hi-Lo has all the design features as the Siesta but it has an electric height adjustable base.

Height Adjustment

  • Height travel range: 41cm
  • Height from floor to top of base at lowest position: 42cm
  • Height from floor to top of base at highest position: 83cm

External dimensions

  • Length x width: 228cm x 115cm
  • External height at full extension: 228cm
  • External height at lowest position: 187cm

Clearance required from hard surfaces

  • Sideways travel for Hi-Lo movement: 12cm
  • From top of poles to room ceiling: 5cm
  • From walls/padded corners to room walls or any fixed object: 25cm
  • Minimum floor to ceiling height required: 230cm

Safe Working Load

  • Standard model 100kg
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