Autism Spectrum Products


In collaboration with Safespaces in UK, FAS Therapeutic Equipment manufacture, supply and install custom made safe rooms high sided beds and sleep areas for use at home, in schools, hospitals, respite care or for travel. Users are adults and children with complex needs, including learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy and challenging behaviours who may be unsafe in an ordinary room or bed. Since 2001 families & professionals have told us that our products:

  • enable children and adults to stay at home when this doesn’t seem possible
  • allow the user and their family to sleep, often for the first time in years
  • assist individuals to manage their own behaviours or reduce medication
  • provide a cosy therapy and sensory space
  • allow families to go on holiday with a familiar safe bed
  • in hospitals our high sided beds enable people with complex needs to access medical treatment in a safe environment
  • can provide a safe bed in respite care


The range of Safespaces products are strong and robust , including

1) Safespace room, 2) Safespace Hi-Lo, 3) Cosyfit, 4) Cosyfit Hi-Lo, 5) Cosyfit Hi-Lo Profiling, 6) Safespace Siesta, 7) Safespace Siesta Hi-Lo, 8) Voyager Travel Bed



The Safespace Room is a versatile custom-made safe room system, made from industrial strength PVC fabric and a padded steel frame. The ceiling is made from PVC netting allowing light and air in. The built-in window/s and door/s allow for supervision and for the user to engage with the environment. The Safespace Room does not affect the use of existing curtains, light fittings, heaters and electric sockets, television, music and sensory equipment.

The walls of the Safespace Room are positioned 25cm away from any hard surfaces, removing the risk of injury as they flex out on impact. It has an 8 cm foam floor for further safety. The Room thereby provides a soft, attractive, and safe environment for anyone that may at times be unsafe in an ordinary room, yet its robust design can withstand the toughest treatment. It eliminates hard surfaces, reducing the risk of injury and making it safe for the user to sleep to move, roll, or play without restraint. Safespace Room promotes calm with its pleasant, low sensory, soothing environment.

Independence & privacy

A separate space to be on your own, to express feelings, especially when upset or agitated, can often be denied to those who need high levels of supervision. A Safespace Room provides a safe private space, particularly important during the teenage years. This personal space can support the development of behaviour self-management.

Family life

Having a member of the family with challenging behaviour can be difficult for everyone. Siblings, as well as carers, may have their sleep disturbed or be at risk of injury. The Safespace Room can enable a family to have a more balanced everyday life. It has been described by parents as bringing ‘peace of mind’ into the family home.


  • Projection screen – an internal white wall can be included and used as a projection screen.
  • Water resistant soft-touch PUL-covered memory foam top mattress – 20 cm
  • Water-resistant PVC-covered memory foam top mattress – 20 cm
  • Additional floor Mat/s
  • Water-resistant floor or wall seams
  • Removable window blinds
  • Soft play shapes
  • Projector set/Fibre optics kit
  • Visual Deterrent Panels – These panels conceal the gap between the Safespace Room & the wall and are recommended for anyone who is inclined to enter this gap
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