Vestibular & Sensory Equipment
sOfao BEACH cart
The Sofao cart is a foldable chair ideal for adaptive recreation at pools
and beaches . It also acts as a bathing chair, lounge and a physical
therapy device for healthcare professionals.
• Foldaway armrests and harnesses that hold the bather safe enable
users to swim in a sitting position without being held by a guide.
• Floats on 4 height-adjustable stabilisers and is able to adaptively
accommodate any size swimmer.
• Easy to get into the pool by the 2 fitted handles at the front
and back, whether a pool equipped with a slipway, step-down
access or even pool without specialised access system.
The guide slips the Sofao into the water by letting it roll along the
pool wall. For heavier swimmers, one guide at the front and one at
the back is all you need to gently slip the bather in and ease them
back out afterwards.
• One-size, multiple positions, height-adjustable headrest, a 5-position
reclining backrest and 6-position back-end floaters, suited to even
the most heavy mobility-challenged children or adults.
• Range of head-hugger options for optimal head support.
• Low maintenance, only requires a spray-rinse after each use.
• Built in anodised aluminium/electropolished stainless steel and
Batyline fabric; completely corrosion-proof.
Model No.:
Finally! The Swimming Pool Cart makes it so easy to get in and out
of the pool. The floating cart can be easily rolled into the pool from
the deck whilst the user is sitting on it. Users can "swim" or exercise
while sitting in the stable, floating Sofao chair, or leave the chair, to
move around independently in the water. The cart comes with two rear
tyres and a lockable front castor for transporting outside the pool.
• Tool-free folding, adjusting design.
• Makes accessing beach and water with easy.
• Comes standard with adjusting straps, head support, floating
stabilisers, rear double and front wheel - ready for action.
• Optional multi position head-hugger for optimal head support.
Model No.:
The Sofao beach cart comes with a set of double rear tyres and a front
lobby tyre with pulled bar that can tackle loose terrain such as sand. The
user can enjoy water activities on the stabled floating chair with support,
or freely get out the chair for swimming.
15kg, fully foldable without tools and fits
comfortably into a family car making for easy
space-efficient storage
Optional multi position head-
The Sofao with Tire-Sofao, a third wheel fitted with clip-on towbar
for easy pulling
The Sofao with front roller
for swimming pools. Roller
includes brake for parking
during transfers
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