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Quickie QM710 Powered wHEELCHAIRs
Model No:
The Quickie QM-710, available in three different styles, is a reliable
high-performing, stylish power base that meets a broad range of client
• SpiderTrac suspension features independent suspension on all 6
wheelshelpingeachwheel keepconstant contact with theground. This
creates a smooth ride by giving the chair a spider-like ability to crawl
ontoor off almost anystepor curbwithout compromisinguser stability.
• The Quickie QM-710 is a mid-wheel drive chair. This means
that the centre of rotation is located directly beneath the user
allowing easy maneouvering through tight and confined in-
door spaces and more rugged, uneven outdoor environments.
• Modular approach enabling the adding and removing of slotted
components such as power lift and power tilt at any time in
the chair's lifecycle. Perfect for complex clinical applications.
• R-net electronic controls provide simple programming options with
a multitude of different customisations to suit individual use such
as buttons that can be assigned specific functions.
• Off the shelf or customised seating can be used.
Product Weight:
QM-710 BC - 140 kg
QM-710 SC - 160 kg
QM-710 MPC - 170 kg
Product Width:
30 cm - 55 cm (Will vary depending on
seating system used)
Product Length/Depth: 30 cm - 55 cm (Will vary depending on
seating system used)
Weight Capacity:
135 kg
Drive Wheel Position: Mid-Wheel Drive
10 KPH
Turning Radius:
51 cm
Overall Base Width:
64 cm
Overall Length:
91 cm
Tilt-in-space, elevated seat, electronic environment control, commu-
nication device etc. Please call us for more information.
5 Stylish Colours to Choose
SpiderTrac suspension system helps the chair glide over obstacles
Left: VR-2 Non-expandable control, Right: Powered seat elevator
Seating system including headrest, S/A Laterals,
Knee pads, hip pads and tilt-in-space
1 3,4,5
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