ps256 - pressure mapping & imaging
A full function pressure mapping system that won’t blow
your budget!
High resolution pressure mapping systems are traditionally very expensive
due to the fact that they have more sensors than required under normal
application. This means that many therapists, clinics and suppliers can’t
afford to use this important tool for seating assessment.
The full-function PS256 Pressure Mapping & Imaging System contains 256
sensors, providing therapists, clinicians, users and equipment suppliers
with the same data you would normally only be able to get from more
expensive systems. The data is more than enough to perform all forms of
clinical intervention, seating assessments and troubleshooting.
Each PS 256 pressure mapping and imaging systems comes complete with an
instructional DVD & full color manual. We offer renewable 12 month technical
support and 12 month limited warranty for your valuable invesment.
Application and Use
It is widely known that pressure mapping and imaging systems are an
effective tool in the prevention and management of pressure
related wounds and skin breakdown, but, few understand that the benefits
of pressure mapping reach far beyond simply visualising pressure under
the client’s contact area. Dozens of applications and uses exist including
but not limited to the following:
• Gauge pressure under the client’s contact areas.
• Measure anatomical landmarks.
• Troubleshoot seating concerns easily and quickly.
• Freeze, save and print any and all images.
• Record up to 10 minutes of video for proper assessment of self propulaion.
• Examine peak pressures.
• Create custom seating design.
• Locate the client’s center of gravity.
• Evaluate drive wheel placement.
• Track center of mass trajectory.
• Ensure proper inflation of air cushions.
• Eliminate the guessing game associated with the use of air cushions.
• Gain approval for equipment through im-proved documentation.
• Educate and verify the clients pressure relief methods.
Display & Software Features
Display Features:
Full 16 color display with interpolation, creating increased resolution
and precision images.
Rotating graphics of the color graphic images.
Reversible graphics, designed with flexibility in mind.
Displaying the client’s data as a graph, number table or 3-D image.
Software Features:
Self calibrate the PS 256 in seconds by simply entering the client’s
weight. A valuable tool to validate performance and system output.
Print any and all data related to your pressure mapping session,
including color graphical images, average pressures, peak pressures,
the peak pressure index as well as the client’s contact area indication.
Log Record- the client’s individual data and save files for future use or
System Specs & Features
Performance Features:
A 22.5” x 22” sensor sheet, containing 256 sensors in a 18.5” x
18.5” area.
Each sensor acquires three pressure readings per second, and
averages the readings to create the displayed data.
Easily installed software, compatible with any computer system
via USB.
Center of gravity feature allows the user to assess various issues
including but not limited to the client’s seating and positioning, self
propulsion capabilities or wheel placement.
Linear measurement tool, designed to calculate the distance between
anatomical landmarks (ie. ischial tuberosities, contact area width, etc.)
Freeze frame option and recordable snapshot feature allow users to
effortlessly analyse data and print images for medical documentation
and letters for medical needs.
Ten minutes of video recording and playback, ideal for self
propulsion assessment and settle analysis.
Peak pressure identification tool is adjustable in size and
displays, in real time, the peak pressure which is present within
the selected area.
Fully adjustable maximum pressure scale, allowing color display
adjustment for premium visualisation of problem areas.
Contact area indicator, identifying the number of sensors
actively sensing pressure over a fully adjustable threshold.
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