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Cosyfit hi-lo (bed surround)
Model No.:
The Cosyfit Hi-Lo is a safe high-sided bed with adjustable height, tilting
and profiling options, designed for home and residential care settings.
It is designed for those who cannot stand but who have the strength
or capacity to rock, thrash, push or kick. The robust yet soft padded
sides provide protection for those at risk of falling out of bed or hurting
themselves on bed surrounds or other hard surfaces. The Cosyfit can
be removed from the Hi-Lo base and used separately.
The Cosyfit Hi-Lo can improve the quality of life for those who may
spend long periods in bed but need high sides for their own safety. The
soft side viewing panel can be added to one or both sides. This creates
more light, a sense of openness, and increases access for nursing care.
The viewing panel allows better communication and enables the user
to view sensory equipment, other people and TV. The Cosyfit Hi-Lo can
be used with a ceiling track hoist or adopted for use with a mobile hoist.
• 1 or 2 soft opening sides with clear PVC window(s).
• Sides can be any height up to 1.2m depending on the needs and
mobility of the person.
• Holes can be provided to your specifications for gastrostomy, oxygen
or other tubes.
• Height-adjustable, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and
profiling options available.
Cosyfit (bed surround)
Safespaces Range
Model No.:
The Cosyfit is a robust high-sided sleep and recreation area. It provides a
safe space for sleep and play for those with limited mobility. It is ideal for
those that are at risk of falling from a normal bed or hurting themselves
on metal or wooden bed surrounds. The Cosyfit's primary use is as a safe
bed. Its soft high sides, open top and large viewing panel help the user
to feel safe, relaxed and settled. It can also be used as a comfortable,
roomy play area in special schools for students with limited mobility.
The Cosyfit can be easily assembled and dismantled making it ideal for
respite centres or home care. It can be used with a ceiling track hoist or
adapted for use with a mobile hoist. The beauty of the Cosyfit is that it offers
peace of mind for the carer and parents as it reduces anxiety about injuries
and falls, and also lowers environment noise associated with banging walls
and bed/cot ends. The Cosyfit is easily dismantled for storage.
The Cosyfit can be custom made to any height up to 1.47m, comes in
single, double or king size. An extra soft side viewing panel can be added
to create more light and increase access for nursing care from both sides.
Soft side viewing panel allows more light and increases
access for nursing care from both sides.
Cosyfit with large viewing panel.
Cosyfit hi-lo profiling
Model No.:
The Cosyfit Hi-Lo (Profiling) is for those with extremely limited mobility who
need support with sitting and raising themselves. The backrest and knee
angle adjustments, tilting and reverse tilting, and height adjustment can all be
adjusted electronically, providing support with many aspects of nursing care.
Sides have a maximum
height of 76cm
"the safespace allowed the user
time to de-escalate in a secure,
comforting and fun environment"
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