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Safespaces (bed surround)
Safespaces Range
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Safespaces is a versatile custom-made safe room system, made from
industrial strength PVC fabric and a padded steel frame. The floor is
8cm thick making it a completely safespace to be in. The ceiling is made
from PVC netting allowing light and air in. The built in windows allows
the user to engage with others, watch TV, and allows for supervision.
Safespaces provides a soft, attractive, and safe environment for anyone
that may at times be unsafe in an ordinary room. It is suitable for children
and young adults with autism, epilepsy, challenging behaviours, and
people with profound multiple learning difficulties, as its robust design
can withstand the toughest treatment. The Safespace eliminates hard
surfaces, reducing the risk of injury and making it safe for the user to
sleep to move, roll, or play without restraint.
Safespaces promotes calm with its pleasant, low sensory, soothing
environment. An individual has the opportunity to express themselves
inside Safespaces with reduced risk to themselves and others.
Individuals with behaviour problems often don't have many opportunities
to enjoy privacy and independence due to the high level of supervision
they require. The Safespace gives people that opportunity.
Ideal for use in homes, therapy centres and schools as a multipurpose
therapeutic, relaxation, and sensory space. Maximun diamensions 3m x 3m.
Safespaces with a 2.5m x 2m opening.
Safespaces 2 x 2m doorway
Safespaces in a school classroom
Safespaces windows allow interaction and supervision
"It is a great space for children who have
difficulty in larger rooms and crowded/noisy
environments, as it allows them to be involved
with their class while knowing that they can
use the Safespaces when they need it."
• Heavy duty PVC fabric.
• Steel frame.
• 8cm thick soft padded floor.
• Ceiling made strong PVC netting.
• Can be customised to suit your needs.
• Doors and windows can be aligned with
existing door.
• Bracket for securing to the floor.
• Roll up walls.
• Viewing panels.
• Projection screen,
• 20cm mattress.
• Soft play and soft furniture.
• Blinds.
USES include
• In Schools and Homes
• Safe and Play Rooms
• Sleeping
• Sensory Room
• To Develop Independence &
• More Relaxed Family Life
• Crisis Management
Safespaces with sensory equipment makes
for a very relaxing space.
Safespaces is made from industrial strength PVC,
making it extremly durable to rough treatment.
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