Physiotherapy Equipment
PACJ12 Junior Change Table W/one cot side & two cot ends. Cot ends
can extend the length of the table top from 125cm to 165cm.
Change Table
A one section table with hi-lo adjustment designed for activities such as
changing clothes and treatment.
• Adjusting range is 45 - 95 cm with electric foot switch.
• Tabletophas38mmfoamupholsteredwithreretardedheavy
• Strap rails on either side of table.
• Fitted with 12.5 cm lockable castors.
• Liftingcapacityis200kgforstandard&junior.
• The cot ends of Junior Change also used as an extension.
• Choiceofoptionsand/orcustomizingtosuityourneeds.
• Choice of colours (see page P-4). Standard colour is Balmain
PACA00 Standard, electric, size is 71 x 193 cm
PACJ12 Junior size, electric, w/ one cot side and two cot ends,
size is 71 x 125 cm
P82115 Fold-down Cot side, 20 cm height
P82116 Fold-down Cot end, 20 cm height
P82391 (Set of 3 Straps) 2 x 100mm/1 x 200mm wide
Bobath Table
This neurological couch comes in two sections. The head section is
adjustable in angle to provide a backrest and has three breathe holes
with plugs.
• Stableheavydutysteelbasewithpowdercoating.
• Liftingcapacityis200kg.
• Topcomprises38mmhighdensityfoamupholstered with re
• Electric backrest adjustable. 68 cm long.
• Electric foot switch adjusts height between 45 and 95 cm.
• Overalllengthis193cm.Standardwidthis120cm.Specialwidth
is available at extra cost.
• Choicesofoptionsand/orcustomizingtosuityourneeds.
• Choice of colours (see page P-4). Standard colour is Balmain
PANE20 Electric, retractable wheels
PANE20-BC Electric, 125 mm braked castors
Standard Options for all tables & Couches
• Extra width
• Retractable wheels
• Braked castors of different sizes
• BatteryPack
• Memoryfunction(multiplepositions)
• Breathe hole with plug
• Different hi-lo range
• Varyingsizesonparticularsection
• Gas strut assisted backrest
• Electrical operated backrest
• Cot side
• Armrests of different sizes
• KneeSupport/Footpadsforgynaecologicalprocedures
• Choiceofvinylcolour,(noextracost)
PANE20 Bobath Table with retractable castors.
<----------122 cm ---------->
PACA00 Change Table with Cot Side P82115.