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Starlight & Recaro Start Plus Car Seats new products

Starlight Car Seat Recaro Start Plus
Starlight Car Seat w/Reha-Kit offers the latest safety protection like energy-absorbing EPS foam, deep side wings and an excellent fit for children.
Recaro Start Plus Car Seat is designed by the renowned Recaro seating group so is a quality class II to class III car seat suitable for child from approx 3 years to 12 years (15 to 36kg).

Safespaces new products

Safespace Safespace Safespace Sensitive Room
Voyager Voyager Voyager portable for travel
Cosyfit Cosyfit Hi-Lo (Profiling) Cosyfit Hi-Lo
The Safespace provides a soft, attractive, safe environment for anyone who may be unsafe in any ordinary room. It is a strong, tough and yet soft interior space. For those with autism and/or challenging behaviours, it provides an extremely robust space that can be kicked, punched and head-butted. It can withstand the roughest treatment by both children and adults. For conditions like epilepsy and cerebral palsy, it provides a space in which someone can move, roll or play without restraint. It reduces the risk of injury by eliminating hard surface.
Safespace Voyager
Going away on holiday - or even a short visit - can seem like an impossible dream for many parents and carers struggling with behavioural difficulties and saftety issues. The Safespace Voyager provides a temporary safe area for holidays and visits away from home for anyone who is unsafe in an ordinary bed.
The Cosyfit provides a safe space for sleep and play, for those with limited mobility. Its soft, high sides, open top and large viewing panel create a comfortable space with a sense of openness.
Cosyfit Hi-Lo (Profiling)
For those with extreemly limited mobility who need support with sitting and raising themselves, we offer the Cosyfit Hi-Lo (Profiling) option. The back rest and knee brek funtions, as well as tilting, reverse tilting and height-adustability, provdie support with many aspects of nursing care.
Cosyfit Hi-Lo
The Cosyfit Hi-Lo is a comfortable and attracctive high-sided bed with the advantages of electric bed base functions. The weasy to operate height, tilting and profiling options make nursing care much easier.

Boris Tilting Shower/Toilet Commode new products

Boris Tilting Shower Commode comes in five sizes for users up to 150kg. Comes standard with headrest, anatomic seat and back and footrest.

iFlexi Seating System & wheelbases available! Snazzi & Snappi lightweight Strollers new products

iFlexi on TNF wheelbase Snazzi Stroller

  • iFlexi Seating System can grow with your child. The Seating system could mount onto indoor, outdoor, stroller base and hi-lo base.
  • Lightweight Snazzi & Snappi Strollers, many options available. Indoor base available for Snappi seat unit.
    iFlexi on iQuick hi-lo base iFlexi on Snappi Strolle base
  • TFH Swing Frames & Accessories new products

    TFH Swing and Swing Frame range contains different swing seats for toddlers to adults, many choices of swing attachments (Flexidisk, Bolster Swing, NetSwing, Platform Swing and more). Indoor and outdoor swing frames.

    Modular Ramp new products

    Modular Ramp
    Modular Ramp is designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential and light commercial market, the Modular Ramp system is an excellent choice as it can be custom designed to meet your needs.

    Madita Fun Seating System new products

    Madita Fun Madita Fun
    Madita Fun Seating System comes in 3 sizes with either manual or electric base options. is a modern integrative therapy chair

    Llody Stand Up Manual/Powered/Power-assisted Wheelchair new products

    Llody Stand Up WC
    SL-PEGASUS.tif: Lloyd Stand up Wheelchair (Pegasus) is a high quality manual wheelchair with electric standing which allows the user to adjust standing angles for optimum comfort.
    SL-PHOENIX.tif: Lloyd Stand up Wheelchair (Phoenix) is a comfortable power standing wheelchair which can supports users weighing up to 120kg with physical and mental disabilities.
    SL-VOLANS.tif: Lloyd Stand up Wheelchair (Volans) is a power assist wheelchair requiring minimal effort to drive. With additional power thrust ramps and slopes can be conquered without the assistance from a helper. The electric standing allows user to stand and interact with the others.

    Manual Wheelchair Range new products

    Bravo Racer Zippie zone Teeny Plus Start Junior
    Standard (Rigid/Foldable) Frame: Teeny Plus, Bravo Racer, Motus, Start, Kidster, Zippie GS, Zippie 2, Zippie Zone, Quickie 2, Puffin Wheelchairs
    Rigid Tilting Frame: Discovery Base, Zippie IRIS, Zippie TS SE, Rehab TNT and Tina Platform Wheelchairs
    Foldable Tilting Frame: Zippie TS, Penguin , Platypus Wheelchairs
    Motus Zippie 2 Zippie GS Zippie TS Zippie IRIS Kidster Penguin Wheelchair Tina Tina

    Leckey Mygo Stander new products

    Mygo Stander Mygo Stander
    Two sizes available for age from 4 to 14 years, which is configured to upright, prone and supine standing.

    Leckey Everyday Activity Chair new products

    Mygo Stander
    Three sizes available for age from 1 to 18 years, tilting, reclining, Hi-Lo base and many supports.