WKSW9820 and WKWS9822
Wt Limit of User
Pelvis, cm
37 kg
41 - 63.5
37 kg
46 - 71
91 kg
61 - 89
91 kg
86 - 114
Kaye Suspension Harness
Kaye Suspension Harnesses are designed to comfortably hold and support the user in the
Kaye Suspension Walkers. The harnesses are made from a material with a compression
element that allows the harness to fit securely around the users body.
Small and Slim-Medium size harnesses
have three components. A body
vest, 4 compression straps and 4 strap pads. These harnesses fit between the legs and
buckle up at each side. These harnesses are ideal for users under 36 kg.
Medium and Large size harnesses
have four components. A body vest,
4 compression straps, 4 strap pads and 2 thigh cuffs. These harnesses rely on the
compression of the vest and the thigh straps to hold the harnesses in place. These
harnesses buckle up at the back and front. Because these harnesses do not fit under
the legs, they are comfortable for older, heavier users up to 91 kg.
It is recommended that the user wears the vest in supine or standing with the hips in
extension. The lower buckles around the pelvis need to be pulled tight to keep the harness
in place while the client is suspended. Please ensure that clothing under the vest is not
bulky or made of slippery material.
The four compression straps can be added to aid alignment of the trunk, head and hips.
The strap pads can be added once the user is suspended to protect the head from the
hardware on the suspension system.
Walking Aids
WKSW9820 WKSW9821
Kaye Treadmill width
The Kaye Treadmill Width Adapter can be used
along with any Kaye walker or Kaye Suspension
Walker with a Harness on a treadmill. This is
ideal for gait training, strengthening and fitness
programs. The Treadmill Width Adapter can be
adjusted to span the width of many treadmills
and the wheel tracks can be adjusted to fit
the wheel base of the Kaye walker range. The
adjustable height of the Treadmill Width Adapter
allows the partial body-weight bearing device
to be supported close to the treadmill surface,
minimizing the loss of overall height which occurs
when any partial weight-bearing device is raised
to span a treadmill.
• Width adjustable up to 92.5 cm.
• Height from floor adjustable up to 24 cm.
• Maximum wheel base is 106.5 cm.
• Overall Length is 150 cm.
Kaye Treadmill Width Adapter
Model No
Length: 150 cm; Max Wheel Base: 107 cm; Max.
Width: 93 cm; Max Ht from floor: 23.5 cm
Seat for the therapist.
Height adjustable for
various treadmills.
The Kaye Treadmill Width
Adapter WTWA1.
Treadmill Width Adapter
over a treadmill with a
Kaye Suspension Walker.
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