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Electric Hi-Lo Tilt Table
height range 52-90cm, 200kg Capacity
Headrests, pair
Lateral Supports, pair
Angle Adjustable tray
Electric Hi-Lo Standing Board
This electrically operated Hi-Lo Standing Board facilitates the standing
of a heavy teenager or young adult who requires extra posture support.
It is now possible for just one person to stand a heavy patient, transfer
from hoist or wheelchair, fix the straps and supports while the patient
lies horizontally, then simply push the button to stand up. No need to
struggle with manual lifting or holding while putting the patient on the
stander. It comes with three straps (split legs), padding, and height
adjustable footrest to suit a range of users. User height up to approx.
172 cm. Custom sizes are possible. Options include: Headrest, lateral
support, abductor and adjustable tray.
The electric Hi-Lo Standing board P4801 with padding and straps (including
split leg straps). Headrest and lateral supports shown are optional.
The Lateral Supports can be fitted on different slots
providing better positioning and support.
The optional tray is height and angle adjustable to suit
different users and activities.
Other Features:
• Adjustable angle foot plate (+15 / -25deg in 6 steps).
• Electric Height [50 -90cm] and Electric Tilt [85°] adjust-
ment with hand control.
• 125mm braked castors with 155mm clearance.
• Angle indicator.
• PRONE Standing option available upon request.
• Lifting capacity 200kg.
• Board size 180x 57 cm.
Electric Hi-Lo Standing Board
standing Equipment
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