Leckey Squiggles standing system
The Squiggles Standing System from Leckey is a three-in-one
stander: upright, prone and supine. By removing the handrest and
turning the footplate and sandals it can be changed from a supine to a
prone stander. It can adjust in seconds to accommodate children between
1 and 5 years old who would benefit from standing. The Squiggles
Standing System uses padded straps to secure pelvis, trunk, legs and
feet. The innovative design allows adjustment of height, width, depth
and angle of the pelvis and trunk supports. Achoice of bright pad colours
means that children will find the Squiggles fun to be around.
There are three chassis options for the Squiggles Standing System:
1. The
Standard Chassis
allows adjustment from vertical to 70
if the
child is not in the frame during adjustment. The Standard Chassis is
compact, without castors and is easily folded for storage.
2. The
Tilting Chasis
allows adjustment from vertical to horizontal
continuously because of the gas struts, the child can be in the frame
during adjustment. Also the
Chassis is mounted on four
lockable swivel castors, and is foldable for storage and transport.
3. The
Mobility Chassis
encourages children to explore their environment
whilst maintaining their required posture. Choose from 610mm (24")
or 686mm (27") quick release wheels with depth adjustable hand rail
and drum locking brakes.
Contoured Headrest for
greater head control.
Optional sandals for better
posture support.
Model Number
User height range, cm
75 -111
User age (approx.)
1 to 5 years
User weight, kg
Support Length, footplate to axilla, cm
55 - 82
Chest Width, distance between lterals, cm
16 - 53
Trunk Width, cm
16 - 23
Hip Width, cm
16 - 53
Footplat Angle,
Plantar flexion
Footplat Angle,
Dorsal flexion
Tray Height, Prone, cm
55.5 - 82.5
Tray Height, Supine, cm
48 - 82.5
Stander Frame Weight, kg
Standard Chasis Inclination
90 º - 170 º
Tilting Chasis Inclination
90 º - 110 º
standing Equipment
Squiggles Stander with Mobility Chasis.
Squiggles Stander with Standard Chassis.
Squiggles Stander with Tilting Chassis.
Squiggles Stander with tray, in
prone position.
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