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SuitCASE Ramp
The Suitcase® Ramp Signature Series™ are ideal for both wheelchair
and scooter access to vehicles or into homes or buildings. The ramps
have no pinch, non-protruding, full-length live hinges making for safe,
silent and maintenance free operation. The non-breakable handles are
flexible and offer a comfortable grip and convenient carrying. To adapt
to uneven ground, an enhanced extruded tread for superior traction can
be self-adjusted.
Usable Size Fold Size Weight Load Usage
61/38/10 4 kg 360 curbs/1 step
122/76 122/38/10 8 kg 360 curbs/1-2 steps
183/76 183/38/10 13.5 kg 360 1-3 steps/vans
243.5/76 243.5/38/10 19 kg 360 2-3 steps/vans
Top Lip Extension
8 Foot Suitcase Ramp is ideal for
creating comfortable wheelchair
Suitcase Ramp with optional Top Lip Extension increases the standard 3" lip to
become 9". allowing the ramp to clear the rear bumper of vans and 4WD's.
Suitcase Ramps have been designed with superior traction.
Bottom transition plates self-adjust
to accommodate uneven terrain.
• Protect your investment - This breakthrough designed ramp can be
fitted onto the tow bar and is easily transferable to another vehicle. It
can be used with a van; station wagon or four-wheel drive vehicles.
You can maintain the full potential value of your car when you sell it
without the hindrance of a permanently installed ramp.
• Affordable - A very affordable option where power lifting is not
required. It is a fraction of the cost of powered lifters.
• Space saving - It does not take up valuable space inside the vehicle.
• Complies with Australian Standard - Designed according to
Australian Standard AS/NZ3856.1:1998 for Wheelchair Use, the
Wheelchair Ramp provides a 2470 mm long, 800 mm wide non-slip
surface with a 1:4 drop and 75 mm height edge. Loading an occupied
wheelchair or power wheelchair is easy.
• Easy to operate - Folds and unfolds easily with gas strut and handles.
The tow bar fitting eliminates the possibility of movement that a
portable ramp usually experiences. The in-built locking mechanism
ensures the ramp does not open accidentally.
• Heavy duty - Weight capacity of 300 kg allows loading of occupied
manual or power wheelchair.
• Lowmaintenance-Noneedforwelding,nocomplicatedmotororhydraulics
and/or power connection. Virtually no on-going maintenance.
*Patent No. APP#PS0152 & 2003 10048.
*Complies with Engineering Standard AS/NZ S3856.1.
Rampboss Wheelchair Ramp
Order Information:
Wheelchair Ramp, 2470 mm
long, gas-assist, side rails, 300kg.
Scooter Ramp, 1900 mm long,
side rails, 200 kg.
Ramp effortlessly folds down for loading
in seconds (Step 1 to 4). Non-slip surface
and 75 mm raised edge ensures safe use.
No gap between ramp and vehicle allows
smooth transfer.
Ramp folds up and stays on the tow bar.
The SFE 500 series restraints are the
best in securement systems. This system
incorporates positive locking hardware that
is quickly and securely fastened and easily
disconnected. Meets AS2942 1987.
SFE500 Series Restraints System
1,2 3
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