Seating & Transport - RAMPS
Ramp section length, cm: 122, 183, 244 & 305 section
Width: 81 cm
Weight capacity: 360 kg
Universal platform size cm: 122 x 122, 152 x 122 or 152 x 152
Awise investment, not a FIXED investment! You can remove and reinstall
the ramp in a new premise.
Designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential and light
commercial market, the EZ-ACCESS® Modular Ramp system is an
excellent choice when accessibility requirements extend beyond the
scope of a portable ramp. The ramp is so efficiently designed installation
and removal is quick and convenient. Made of durable, lightweight
aluminium, a 24 foot system can be installed in under 30 minutes. Made
in the USA.
• Made of durable, lightweight aluminium that does not rust, rot, or decay.
• Ramps, platforms, and handrails require minimum assembly.
• Sides are finished and flush; no hazardous nuts or bolts protruding
into usable ramp area.
• No anchoring into concrete footing or pads is required.
• Architectural designed for a clean, modern appearance.
• Can be easily expanded, re-configured, or moved.
• Permanent non-skid surface.
Modular Ramp
Top Transition Plate
Platform Support Tubes
Components of the Modular Ramp system
Handrail End Loops
Inside Handrail
Corner Kit
Universal Platform with
Handrail Assembly
Ramp Section with
Handrail Assembly
available for
short term
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