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Leckey early activity System
(Complete positioning support for children up to 4 years old)
Model No.:
The Leckey Early Activity System (EAS) has been designed in consultation with parents and
therapists to help maximise the potential of children with various disabilities. The EAS enables
children with disabilities to play safely. The child can be positioned in a number of different ways
in order to achieve physical and cognitive developmental goals, such as trunk and head control,
hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, balance and strength.
Positions include: Supine (back lying), Prone (lying on front), Long sitting (side lying & floor lying),
Four point kneeling (hands & knees). The EAS includes a series of flexible and versatile position
supports, a Velcro mat and an easy to follow illustrated guide, all in a handy carrying bag. Ideal
for clinic or home based programs.
Four point kneeling position (hands & knees)
Prone position.
Supine position.
Long sitting position
(side lying)
Prone sitting position
The Leckey EAS
complete set
The Leckey EAS
comes in a handy
carrying bag
Model No.
User age range
18 to 48 months
Max. user weight, kg
Max user height, cm
Min. user height, cm
Leckey sleepform
Leckey Sleepform is a new sleep positioning system, designed to provide
a safe, comfortable way of supporting sleeping children. Extending
postural support into the night is vital, especially during the skeletal
development stage of children. A night-time support, easing the child
into a comfortable position while allowing for gentle movement, may
assist in a better night's sleep, both for the child and care givers! Using
the Sleepform Systemwill also reduce the need for repositioning during
the night.
The Leckey Sleepform system is made up of several adjustable parts;
the Sleepform Mattress, Air Flow Mattress, Cushioned Chest and Hip
Guide, and Cushioned Leg and Knee Guides. Using a vacuum pump,
the Sleepform Mattress moulds to the child's body shape to provide an
adjustable, contoured support surface for hip and trunk positioning.
Other components include: the Knee Roll and Air Flow Pillows, which
can be used for additional positioning and comfort.
Model no.
Sleepform Kit size Age, yr
Use for
Size 1
0 - 1
Size 2
1 - 5
Size 3
1 - 5
Size 4
5 - 18
*Components can be purchased individually.
Airflow mattress
Padded leg straps
Vacuum Pump
The Sleepform Vacuum Mattress is easily arranged to contour to your
child's body shape.
1,2,3,4,5 6
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