positioning & sleeping Equipment
Complete positioning support for children and
Model No.:
A set of 17 Tumble Forms shapes assists therapists to
position children and adults. The Universal Grasshopper
System incorporates adaptive positions such as side-
lying, prone, supine, long leg and log roll sitting into
treatment sessions. A padded coaster base allows the
patient to be moved while maintaining adaptive support.
Using Tumble Forms logs on the base also transforms
it into an active therapeutic system for vestibular
stimulation activities.
Universal Grasshopper includes:
• 1 Padded Coaster Base, w/locking castors, 142 cm
• 1 Trapezoid Module, 13 x 46 cm
• 1 Rectangular Module, 14 x 28 cm
• 1 Large Wedge, 20 cm high
• 1 Small Wedge, 15 cm high
• 1 Accessory Wedge
• 2 Quarter Roll Supports
• 3 Side Abductor Modules
• 1 Log, 122 cm
• 2 Wrap Straps
• 1 Pull Strap
• 1 Hip Strap
• 1 Side-Lyer Strap
• 1 Accessory bag
Tadpole Paediatric Positioner
(Complete positioning support for children up to 3 years old)
Model No.:
The Tadpole Paediatric Positioner is designed for early intervention programs to
position infants and young children with cerebral palsy, motor delays or other
motor dysfunctions in sitting, prone and side lying. The Tadpole includes 1
Base (86 x 48 cm), Half Roll, Lateral support, 1 Wedge, and 1 Tray with mirror in
a carrying bag. Ideal for clinic or home based programs.
• Prone
- With the half roll and two lateral supports, the Tadpole positioner
facilitates active body extension, head flexion, chest elevation and forward
propping of arms for midline hand touching. A mirror encourages curiosity.
Place the roll under the base for vestibular activities.
• Seated
- Use base and wedge modules together for long leg sitting. Either
side of wedge may be used depending on the need for a more upright or
reclined position. Tray attached to the wedge provides additional support
and a surface for eye-hand activities.
• Side-lying
- Attach log roll to base for side-lying to facilitate control of lateral
head and trunk movements. Prop base to position the child for improved
GTF4772T Tadpole
Long leg sitting
Tadpole allows postural drainage
Tadpole is ideal for a variety of therapeutic positioning needs
Grasshopper is a multi-functional
adaptive positioning equipment.
Long Roll
Universal Grasshopper System
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