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the anatomical measuring instrument
the sleep positioning system cont.
The Anatomical Measuring Instrument (AMI) is specifically designed to
measure the Goldsmith Indices of Body Symmetry. The AMI can be used
to measure changes in body shape, aiding in determining the correct
way to position and support the person, leading to a better quality of life.
The AMI helps to produce a comprehensive positioning care plan, and
can be used to measure alterations in the chest dimensions which could
lead to secondary complications, as well as pelvic and leg rotation.
AMI measures chest dimensions.
Model No.:
The seizure alert is designed to detect and raise an alarm when
a seizure occurs. This device provides some peace of mind to
both the carer and seizure sufferer.
The compact device integrates multiple monitoring functions
including detecting shaking and jerking movements often
associated with tonic/clonic (grand mal) seizures. The unit also
monitors sounds/noises for any distressing sounds. If any of
the above occur the device sends a signal to a 3rd party alarm
device (eg. nurse call system) or an optional wireless pager.
Features include:
• Can detect seizure movement and sound.
• Easy installation and setup.
• Economical (no ongoing costs or consumable
items to replace).
• Battery packup.
• Minimise false alarms.
• Connects easily with 3rd party alarm devices.
• Suitable for both home and care facilities.
Options include:
• Bed fall pad.
• Wireless remote alarm.
• Call button.
seizure alert range
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