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Multi-Purpose Easel
“The best designed easel we’ve ever used.”
Adrienne DiPrima
, Program Director
Seedling Child Development Center
Saugerties, NY
Today it’s a magnetic board for letter, shape, and
number games. Tomorrow, it’s a dry erase marker
board for young authors. At read-aloud time, it’s a big
book stand, and during “free choice,” a painting easel
and display board for finished artwork. At the end of
the day, it becomes a message board for parents or a
presentation easel for staff meetings. It’s so adaptable,
we should have named it the Chameleon.
Multi-Purpose Easel 
For ages 2 to adult
Includes pair of magnetic whiteboards for easel
Set of 6 Magnets
Set of 10 Magnets 
Use both sides of the
magnetic whiteboards
and you have four cleanable
surfaces for painting and dry
erase markers.
Hold paper at a
convenient height
extra strong magnets. Your
children can do it themselves.
Tray snaps into place
hold art equipment and catch
the paint drips. Remove it
easily for cleanup.
Store or move the solid
hardwood frame
by simply
folding it flat.
Position the whiteboards at convenient working heights by moving the tray brackets up or down.
Multi-Purpose Easel
Big Book story time! Use mag-
netic letters or dry erase markers
as additional teaching aids.
Your easel can also be a message
board or hold a flip chart.
The children are thoroughly enjoying the Community
Playthings Easel. Its versatility is wonderful. The teachers
are impressed with the ease of cleanup, and it always
looks so neat in the classroom.
Adrienne DiPrima,
Program Director
Seedling Child Development Center
Saugerties, NY
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