Community Playthings Catalogue 2015 - page 95

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Creativity Area
Art is essential to our curriculum. We make open-ended
art materials available so that during a typical school
week, children are painting, pasting, and modeling all
on their own.
Fern Batchko,
Assistant Director
Early Childhood Services
JCC of Chicago, IL
hildren have a natural
enthusiasm for art
and thrive in an environment that encour-
ages exploration with a wide range of materials.
Whether you need an entire Creativity Area or just
a simple shelf, these units put art choices, from
paper to brushes to scissors within a child’s easy
reach. The space-saving, mobile designs will give
your classroom flexibility and allow you to incor-
porate art into all areas of your curriculum.
Do you need an instant Creativity Area
with multiple storage options for all those
small tools and accessories? Each unit of-
fers an eye-catching display of art choices,
all within a child’s reach.
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