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Outlast Storage
“Functional outdoor storage lets children
participate immediately.”
Mary Woods
, Program Coordinator
ThistleWaithe Learning Center
South Salem, NY
The latch complies with toy
chest standards in ASTM F963,
and locks with a long padlock.
Cleaning up is part of a well-rounded education. We’ve made
it easy; everything is modular and made to fit.
Ships fully assembled.
Wide footprint for stability.
Pinch-point-free hinge and no
sharp corners.
Perfect for keeping garden equipment, wheeled toys, or other
supplies on site, and dry.
Spacers between floor slats
allow sand to drop out
provide ventilation. Hose it out
and the water drains.
Tissues and basic supplies
are close at hand on the
convenient shelf.
Wooden shingle roof keeps
everything inside dry.
Handy clips keep doors from
swinging during play.
But will it last?
Your request for wooden loose parts for outdoor
play triggered months of research. Can wood
become weatherproof? Yes, and here is the Outlast
line to prove it.
The difference is
, a nontoxic modifi-
cation developed in the 1940s at the US Forest
Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin,
but never before used for children’s playthings.
Acetylated wood won’t shrink, warp, twist, or
rot because its chemical structure is modified to
resist moisture.
In a test in Mississippi, acetylated
wood stakes remained in the ground for 24 years
without deteriorating. (The test was stopped by
Hurricane Katrina. No more stakes.) Outlast
playthings are backed by our standard warranty
which exempts normal wear and tear (e.g. small
surface splits, chipping).
You could eat it, though it’s not recom-
mended. The only byproduct of acetylation is
acetic acid (vinegar).
Environmentally friendly.
For Outlast, as for all
our products, we employ only fast-growing, abun-
dant FSC certified wood.
To teach your children to keep the yard
tidy, the Outlast Shed neatly accommodates the
Crates, Blocks, and Wheelbarrow, but for weather-
proofing, storage is redundant.
Mildew can attack any wood with a darken-
ing or blackening effect. It is nontoxic, and can
be scrubbed off with detergent. Acetylated wood
weathers a natural gray if left untreated. If you
prefer the original look, we suggest applying a
nontoxic penetrating stain. But
remember, this is for aesthetic
considerations only. Even left
unfinished, Outlast products
will outlast the rest.
Big Outlast Set 
Includes Shed, Wheelbarrow, 3 Crates and Preschool Block Set
Outlast Storage Set 
Includes Shed, 3 Crates, and Wheelbarrow
Outlast Shed 
Durable, weatherproof storage at the point of play!
Never again let cheap plastic storage jeopardize your
playground. Made entirely of revolutionary acetylated
wood, the Outlast Shed is here to stay.
The Shed packs a complete set of our innovative Out-
last Blocks, a rugged Wheelbarrow, and three versatile
Crates. Far more play value than traditional play struc-
tures, at a fraction of the cost. Think about it!
Outlast items come with our standard 10-year warranty
and free curbside delivery. Ships fully assembled.
Leveling feet and additional leveling pads included.
For ages 2 and older
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