Community Playthings Catalogue 2015 - page 3

Pioneering Quality since 1947
New to Community? Some things you’ll soon find out:
It’s more than just work.
We build for a lifetime of play.
You’ll love our customer service.
What you say matters.
Children come first.
Yes, there is a community behind
Community Playthings! Workers in our
company belong to a community of
families and single people seeking to live
according to the life and words of Jesus,
sharing our work and our earnings as
the earliest Christians did. These first
believers reminded each other to live
as children do: honestly, joyously, ready
for anything. So it’s no surprise that
children’s laughter, squabbles, singing,
and muddy footprints are central to our
way of life. We’re thankful to have work
that affirms our belief in the beauty of
Pick your favorites, because whatever
you choose will be yours for a very long
time. Made in the USA with superior
materials, our products are built for a
life-time of serious play. Solid maple
construction and old-world craftsman-
ship make for products that last for
generations. It’s not just a policy, it’s a
We’ve already assigned you an account
manager who is ready to help you
at any time. Call today and become
We have listened to advice from
educators for over 65 years. That’s why
you’ll find our products give teachers
the best support available. Ingenious
design elements allow for versatility
and mobility. Adjustments are tool-free
and simple.
When you design and create furniture
with your own children in mind, quality
and beauty come naturally. Children
need playthings that are simple and
natural to promote open-ended play.
Crafted with the health and safety of
children as a top priority, our products
are free of any compounds we believe
are unhealthy to children or the
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