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For Buckle Guard Order, please download and complete following three forms:

Car Restraint Information Sheet (Incl. Buckle Guard)      Download

Child Restraint Prescription Form (Incl. Buckle Guard)      Download

Buckle Guard Ordering Form      Download


Adaptive Equipment

Rifton Pacer Attendant Guide Bar (for mini/small/medium sizes)      Download
Rifton Dynamic Standers      Download
Rifton Prone Standers      Download
Rifton Supine Standers      Download

Bathing Aids

Rifton Blue Wave Bath Chairs      Download
Rifton Compass Chairs      Download

Child Care & Classroom Furniture

Gym, Toys & Positioning

Rifton Adaptive Tricycles      Download

Hoists & Patient Handling

Rifton Sololift      Download
Rifton Sololift Battery Charger      Download
Rifton SoloVest Adaptor      Download

Physiotherapy Equipment

Seating & Transport

Rifton Advancement Chairs      Download
Rifton Corner Floor Sitters      Download
Rifton MultiDesks      Download
Rifton Activity Chair      Download
Rifton Seating System      Download
Rifton Toddler Chairs      Download

Toileting Aids

Rifton Support Station      Download
Rifton Toileting System (Commode)      Download

Vestibular Equipment

Walking Aids

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainers (Mini, Small)      Download
Rifton Pacer Gait Trainers (Medium, Large, XL)      Download


M.O.V.E. - Mobility Opportunities Via Education (Introduction)     Download
Children With Severe Disabilities and the MOVE Curriculum (via Rifton Website)     Download
MOVE: Hope for People with Significant Movement Disorders (via Rifton Website)     Download