About Us

FAS has been a major supplier of equipment for the disabled in Australia for over 25 years.

Specialising in paediatric equipment, we choose equipment that is Functional, Adaptive, Supportive and at a reasonable price.

In our annual catalogue you will find well over 30 new products, with greater emphasis on seating this year. We have introduced several customised new wheelchairs, pushers and seating systems. New walking frames, bath chairs, standing frames, swings, and a jogging trailer for taking children out on rides.

Our wide range of quality equipment are sourced from reputable suppliers in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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*IMPORTANT NOTICE TO NSW CUSTOMERS: As of January 2016 we have closed our Sydney office, Wonderland Rehab & Child Care Products. Please direct all future orders and enquiries to our Melbourne headquarters at sales@fasequipment.com or (03) 9587 6766. We thank you for your patronage and appreciate your continued support.